Yeah, i am losing It. so what.

There is no god in our world, we cried the ashes of my innocence.
Its presence lurks, watching, from afar.
My identity shifts in a collaborative form of knots and scowls.
Glaring with cold eyes, my reflection casts our shadow.
And in silence, she slumbers. Sleep forever my love.
God isnt dead... just sleeping. Forever. and Ever.
Like a wicked step to the throne of
Its surrounding our vision, clouding the memory.
Jagged lines ripple through the surface of my complexion and our shadow

My shadow can see not my reflection, our reflection sees only our shadow.
Dirty fingernails and and unshaven neck accentuate the rotting smell
of depression.

its still there, watching, from the balcony.

cheerleader naivety smiling seductively at my memories like a cheshire cat
leading farther into the darkness of me shadow.

Its severed unforgettable mouse catch sink drip, bound.

God only lives for those who do not watch her sleep.
Not dead, just sleeping. Never to awaken.

She exists only in the eyes of lovers, in the lips of truth
in the ears of compassion. We have killed her, in our world
she sleeps as if dead.

Watching from underneath our shadow, looking through the
darkness into my reflection, we can see the still image lives
of the memories of a waking breath of lucidity when
grace surrounded our senses.

Follow the scent of innocence back through the eyes and we can
see, but only watch, from afar, seeking silently, from a distance

Death is permanent.

So she never dies, just sleeps... never to breath life back into
the soulless chasm of our shadow.

The emptiness yawns into my heart.

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