Some Job

I never realized how beautiful and rare the love of a woman was until several years of loss, dissapeared in a haze of reckless self-abandonment.

Night after night my heard would turn in upon itself, devouring, seeking that which was no longer there.

The remains of a fleeting and unrealized love rotted in the soul like leftovers ...

It is the memory that corrupts, being loved is a once in a lifetime chance, it can change you forever.

ision becomes impaired, every action you see is tainted with sweet purpose.

every thought expressed becomes either an experssion or a non-expression of love.

when she sparkles her eyes whiuile remembering hopes and dreams of her love

when she loses herself blissfully in the effortless caring and knowing and sharing

every sight seen is tainted with the bitter taste of love

After being loved once, no more can another touch my broken heart

The heart is mended through self-sustenance. Showing with ferocious teeth that it can survive on its own, feeding and gorging on the faded memories trapped within.

All she sees, is a man that does not want to be loved, and he shows no weakness, the caring not needed.

So anyway, to distract myself, I drive a cab. I hate it when its slow.


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