Chapter Four

As she looked into his eyes, she wept. Her love was lost somewhere behind the glassy stare. Bring... him, home again...

Violet eyes embraced drenching clouding misanthrope of her starry hope. Drawing inward she stroked gently wispy strands of confusion from his face, clearing paths for her strenth.

Locked in a mind standing still. Holding warmth within her tongue. Tasting his fear. Teasing out the demons within his soul.

Bleeding out, chasing lips miles apart, distanced by lucid shadows drawing further.

Touching memories with her soft breath Benjamin clutched and grasped his claws in the air. Blind, seeing illusions of reality hearing the whispering wind of breathless, he cocked his head sideways tasting the dry air of the desert landscape before him.

Several drops of moisture touched the tip of his tongue as disembodied shadows shielded him from the blazing harshness of the blinding sun.

It was snowing on the horizon. He could feel soft orphans of wind playing his hair wildily as the sprang from horizons of the desert.

'A blizzard?', benjamin thought silently as he grasped and clutched with his hands into the air.

Shivering against his cold body she pressed closer.

'Im living in a fantasy' said benjamin as he looked through the office window at the unfamiliar woman on the floor clutching the disfigured man to her chest.

She glanced up towards the window, 'did I hear something>' As she touched her face she saw movement in the window, her reflection. A beautiful pale woman with violet eyes stared back at her from the window.

Benjamin looked down at the office around him, at the scattered papers and the broken typewriter and the puddles of spittle and blood and piss stenching the air.

He remembered something that was tickling the back of his mind and glanced at the window, sensing movement.

Walking to the window and glancing out, he saw sonthing other than a flashing purple neon sign.

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