I mean, why did He encourage me to build a perfect timepiece in the first place? So the black-smith might start work 5 seconds earlier or later? Or was it to give us the ability to explore His creation in safety, to move without fear in the space He's fiven us to inhabit?

I leaned back in my chair and the mouse whispered like an elephant. "We're not worthy. We're not worthy." Well it certainly was not a rich use om. Well anyway. Butt-squeak.

If I reflect back upon the lost moment, the loss, the last, the fiber of our diet. If I look back, if I 20⁄20, if the hindsight, the rear view mirror eclipse. But lets not. What if we don't. We don't. We do not. We don't do it.

I pull the finger out of my eye socket and it smells like saliva. Who's been sucking on my thumb? There is no theme, and there is nonsense and by nonsense I mean non sense or actually no nsense, nsense being slang for nonsense which is an acronym for No nonsnse. NO RECESS.

Recess, re – 'to do again.' Cess, isn't that what we find in a filthy pool? Or is recess short for recession –to move back again? So lay down the trumpet and lets clean the cess with our soap from the container we were standing on just now. Yes, now.

How much more lucid can we get with our thought, out string, not the guitar, but the process, not the computer but the PRO­cess, the forward movement, pro. Cess, is that our pool again? So oxy and the moron conclude that we halve, yes have pieced together the formula.

Been through recess, and the recession is over, its time to move forward to progress. I hope we enjoyed that brief pause of time that we examined. No jewelers eye, no diamond cuts, no, no no.

If you can tell me, I will flat tire the excrutiating pleasant. Or did I mean spare? Yes, spare. No. No, no.

He pulled out his watch and time ebbed forth from the face. Click click click click.

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