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Number of piercings, 5; hours spent driving in the last year, 2,880; bullets fired, 71; minutes spent swimming in Mediterranean, 72; 2 siblings; 20 jobs; 8, times to Vegas; times I have been to New York city, 5; broken bones, 1; pushups in one go, 89; seconds I can hold my breath, 47; 5,... times I have been to the peak of a mountain; 10 fingers; 10 glasses of water per day; number of kids, 0; times I've fallen in love, 2; number of regrets, 0; number of aliases 31; times I have drowned, 0; video games won, 16; baseball games attended, 3; birthdays celebrated 17; consecutive miles walked in one day, 37; balloons popped, 12; times I have cried, 4,728; times I have laughed, 200,001; cell phones owned, 1; pagers, 4; couches slept on, 223; floors, 315; times I've been lost, 0; times found, 1; number of times I have seen my own reflection in a dream, 17; nephews, 1; consecutive minutes in total silence, 1080; times to the moon, 0; number of hairs on my big toe, 26; funerals attended, 7; births, 3; change in my pocket, 43 cents; number of socks, 27; matching pair, 4; total number of boos read, 1024; parties attended, 28; parties thrown, 8; number of personalities, one.

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