English 1010

This is where I keep my english assignments.

Maybe a comprehensive menu? Or blogstyle with dates of submission and links to content?

I think I may go with the floating menu. I like it, but in the long run it will be difficult to keep it implemented, but lets try it.

Or for redunancy, lets do both, I will leave links blogstyle here, and link from the menu in the bottom right. Unless you are browsing with IE. For some reason, my webpages only load properly in every browser except IE. Funny that. I went through all the trouble of validating my page and it doesnt work in the browsersaurus.

So yeah, these are my amateur attempts at organizing my thoughts and minor forays into a domain of well, we can end that with an ellipsis…

English Assignments

Cant remember what this one is

And then there is this

And this new one here

Free Music

Best punk band ever

War Hate Discord

Your Mom