So I'm in Cedar City Utah and i want to goto Las Vegas because I want to make it to Defcon again this year. Its still Thursday and I just got out of work yesterday. I have no money, havent been paid yet. In facy, I dont even get paid till after Defcon. It should be an ADVENTURE.

I've walked through all of cedar city on foot. It was a bit farther than I was planning. I'm quite a few miles out of town when this nice lookin girl pulls over and offers me a ride. Her name is Julie. I like her smile and offer her the name Cricket.

I smoke, she smokes, we ride in silence most of the first part, listening to Warren G. Funny, she looked a lot younger than that. So its not an uncomfortable silence, its just nice.

Any way, blah blah, I learn a bit about Julie, she takes me to Mesquite Arizona, and drops me off with her number.

I get about another mile down the I-15 and this small little delivery truck with this mexican from Idaho picks me up.

Its hot and uncomfortable and sweaty, and this truck seems to top out around 60 miles an hour so we do 55 on average the whole way.

We chat as best as a white boy with little spanish and a mexican with little english can. I get dropped off next to the RIO.

Its still thursday and its Steve's birthday so I call him up and find out he's at the New York New York.

We meet up, eat dinner, yada yada, and early in the morn like 1am or somthing I walk out to the Alexis.

I get to the Alexis, JJ isnt getting into town till late Friday afternoon, So I'm chillin by the pool with nothin to do. I walk around a bit, people are already partyiong it up but i'm a slacker nobody.

So I dont impose, I keep on my clothes next to the pool, cuz I'm real cool just chillin under this tree while I keep my eyes open, so no one can creep up on me to take free reign and tag me.

Theres some hippies chillin by the pool all night. Si I sleep kinda sorta for about three hours and then its morning already.

I bum me a cigarette and walk to the lobby to check things out. DEFCON is here and all I have is a backpack with a few t-shirts a pair of pants, some water, raisins, my fire equipment and a pair of shoes.

Its NINE AM and how am I going to get by? The Tucson crew isnt here yet, havent seen any canadians, and I'm just a stranger in a strange land. (damn cliche's) I dont have any sort of electronics on me and i'm surrounded by techno-geeks of all genres.

I attempt in vain to find people not clothed in black. it must be depressing being into computers or something, but i cant talk cuz i'm wearing black as well.

there seems to be a much more diverse crowd this year, more businessmen. more 30-40ish crowd and of course, the hot chicks.

I walk around aimlessly for a while, wondering what I want to do. I need to get me one of those badges. hmm..

well, I guess if i'm here as a bum, I might as well act like one. so I plop myself down on a bench, after I walk through check in just to see what I need. $80 dollars. I can scrape that up before 11.

this bench is a prime bench. anybody registering has to pass by me on the way to get their badge.

'Donations for my I need a defcon badge, fund'

'spare some dollars for a badge'

I really need a badge

so in an hour I have $40 dollars and this piece of paper that sez,

DEFCON admit one.

Too bad i lost the rest of this one. It was very entertaining from here on out, and spanned several more pages.

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