Bong Diggity

Mother fuckers be messin with my prime. My objektive. My fucking soul.

I bess be steppin up to the plate and fightin with what I choose to wrestle into the mud. I'm fucking sick of it y'all. Down and dirty. Homefuckers be seein what it aint true about this here mother fuckin snap to my doodle fucking pancake griddle maple fucking ditty. This shit is about to snap a mother fucker's face to attention. It's no longer off the hook ringy dingy, don't give me no busy signal feedback asswipe.

I want water? Give me some fucking water bitches. You tell me no, I take that as an affront to my will to live. Tell me I'm gonna die, I'll bring death knockin on your fucking doorstep with a bag of shit and a goddamn fire under your ass to get things steppin. You keep fucking robbing me mr financial institution? I fucking bring the plague to your fucking house and you best be puttin the signs up because ash wednessday is not going to salvation your silly fucking ass. I'm bringing the war to reality. No more of these games and fake wars taking place inside our minds.

I'm bringing the war to you. I declare war against fear. I declare war against discrimination against water drinkers. I declare war against robber barons of the banks. Death is the answer and plague is the solution.

You will no longer threaten my way of life corporate america, for I am bringing the threat to you

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