Just added google analytics to my index.html. I hope to start updating this site as well. Been putting most of my content on blog, or tumblr, or everywhere else but here. This site is reserved for me and my closest friends. Rude, crude, and insane, I am the hair up your fucking asshole. You hear me? So steer clear if you cant stand the fucking heat. I need an outlet and here is my vengeance. Now I just need to tweak my css some more and figure out a better way of updating my page. Thanks bitches.

By the by. The war is fucking on you pussy cunts.


Here I go again with the so...

So how far do I let this page scroll? Do I continue to update by hand? In notepad? Or do I set a limit and actually imlement some content management? When should old items dissappear off the bottom of this page? Why do I consistently, or rather - from the dates I have posted - inconsistently, ratlle on to myself? Is this therapy actually working? Or am I just delaying the inevitable drug haze that my body and mind search for as if it is a kind of peace?

Well there is a new thought about Waste and Stagnation.

Maybe I run from money because I fear the numbness that I could afford to procure. But I dont like this kind of numbness. I get so much more done with other kinds of numbness. The other day I drank some alcohol and actually got off my ass and introduced some new routines into my matrix.

Like picking up after myself. I thought that program had been sent to the recycle bin. Apparently I can still function as a rational being at times. Scary that it only happens once I have numbed myself from this dull numbness. Sounds redundant doesnt it?

Yeah, thats exactly how it feels though.


Okay. Got lost for a spell.

Buncha new stupid shit. Starting work on a scene project in provo.

And here is some stupid disorganized shit that will probably stay that way.

  1. defcon12?
  2. querty chapter four
  3. whiny bitch
  4. look at me. i am a whiny bitch
  5. weak
  6. l4m3
  7. looser

oh and the last index.html which is now winybich.html


Validated the following

Made some more minor tweaks to individual pages. I need to develop some sort of logging system. Even move away from html as I grow, as I will need many automated processes very soon once I start uploading more content.


Looks like I will be devoting quite a bit of time to learning how to make my pages accessible. I will be primarily focusing on x+v, or xhtml plus voice. After voice, I will focus on being accessible on portable devices as I would like to access my content from anywhere. Down the road I may even develop a vxml version of my site to access from a regular touch-tone phone. So my first few tasks will be

I will be doctyping all of my pages with html 4.01 strict for now until I streamline with xhtml and xml.

Dont forget to try my subscript and my supscript for text like 42nd st. or well I cant think of a decent example for subtext.


Tagged all my pages with my alias and domain. Starting work on major overhaul for uniformity and compliance and validation for my web pages. While going through my pages I will be making minor adjustments and tweaking for style and understandable content. Still working on my menu. I would really like a floating menu However, IE is broken and will not display my pages properly once I have validated my pages as dtd strict. I am adding abbreviation and acronym funtionality to my site and will also be adding definition terms "<dfm>""<span>" wherever I get a chance, because I make up a lot of words. Setting goals for my website.

Looks like my next todo is to make a todo list. That should give me some more practice with

should get back to working on the site now.


Making some progress. Learned some more CSS. modified the margins for better readability. Tried out the sans-serrif, didnt appeal to me even though it is easier on the eyes. will continue tweaking layout and add some more content. w00t.


Okay, So I think I am finally making an effort to keep my page a living site. Started my english portion. This will be where all of my english or writing assignments for english will be going. Over time I will be creating an actual structure to my site, and through that structure my design (theoretically) shall ultimately emerge. I will be using this site as a resource for myself to reasearch myself, document myself, and teach myself.

added engl1010-01.html, and created engl1010 folder.

remind self to leave some sort of dating annotation to all my texts for further organization.

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Valid CSS!

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